Lockers Rental for Events and Businesses

Do you need quality lockers at your event?

Renting lockers for events offers numerous advantages for both organisers and visitors. Our lockers are flexible, easy to move and offer secure storage options. Whether you have a festival, trade fair or business meeting Organising, we have the perfect solution to provide your visitors with a hassle-free experience.


Key benefits:

  • Offer your visitors excellent service and generate additional income with our lockers.
  • Simple mechanical combination lock
  • Give your visitors a safe feeling with robust and reliable lockers.
  • Space-saving: Possibility of back-to-back placement.
Locker rental for events

Placing the lockers

Our experienced team ensures seamless installation of the lockers at your event venue. We carefully determine the best location and layout to ensure that the lockers are optimally accessible for your visitors.

Locker rental

We offer flexible rental options. You can choose to manage the rental yourself or let us take care of the entire process, rental and customer service during the event.

Dismantling the lockers

After the event, we take care of dismantling the lockers quickly and efficiently. Our team will collect the lockers and ensure that the venue is left neat and tidy, allowing you to concentrate fully on completing your event.

Simple locking system of our lockers

Our lockers are equipped with a reliable and user-friendly mechanical combination lock. This locking system is easy to set: when the locker is open, the user can enter a personal code. After the locker is closed, the code automatically jumps back to 0000, ensuring the user's privacy.

This security measure ensures that no one can see the set code after the locker is locked. Moreover, our administrators can always check or reset the lockers with a master reset, providing additional security and convenience for both users and event organisers.

Mechanical digital lock FPS

Frequently asked questions about Locker Rental

What are the available dimensions of the lockers?

Our rental lockers are configured in trolleys with 60 lockers, divided into 10 columns that stand back to back per 5. These trolleys are equipped with castors so that they can be easily moved by the organisation. The dimensions per trolley are:

  • Length: 187 cm
  • Depth: 96 cm
  • Height: 210 cm

The lockers are brought to the event by truck. If necessary, we can also deliver with a trailer to transport as many lockers as possible at once.

What are the rental prices per locker?

The rental price of lockers depends on the length of the rental period and the distance for installation. We strive to assess our customers' needs as best as possible and provide them with the best service.

For how long can I rent a locker?

You can rent our lockers for both short periods (a few days) and longer periods (weeks or months). Contact us for a targeted quotation tailored to your event.

Is a deposit required to rent a locker?

Yes, a deposit is required to compensate for any damage to the lockers after the rental period.

What formulas are there to rent lockers?

There are two options for reserving lockers:

  1. We provide the lockers and the organiser manages the rental.
  2. We take care of the complete installation, rental and dismantling of the lockers, so you don't have to worry about anything.

How do I ensure the safety of my belongings in the locker?

Our lockers are equipped with a mechanical combination lock. If the key is lost, you can always contact the person in charge on site, who has a master key.

How is the hygiene of the lockers guaranteed?

After each rental period, the lockers are thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the next event, ensuring they are hygienic and ready for use.

Are discounts available for long-term rentals or for renting multiple lockers?

Yes, discounts are available for long-term rentals and for renting multiple lockers. Contact us for a personalised quote.

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