About us

Marny has been offering lockers to schools and companies for 25 years.

Marny was founded in the year 1970. From the beginning, there was the exclusive import and distribution of Marko and Nijha products. The initial letters of both companies formed the company name Marny. With both ranges, we opted for high quality from the start. Until now, Marny has stuck to this credo.

In 1992 the helm was taken over by Johan Lefebvre, son of co-founder Rafaël Lefebvre. A new wind passed Marny, and quite quickly resulted in a complete overhaul of the team.

In 1996 a number of new impulses meant that the old buildings in Waregemstraat had to be exchanged for a new complex in Sprietestraat. The surface of the company buildings has been quadrupled.

Hire purchase formula

Especially due to the introduction of student lockers (or lockers) in 1995, there was a need for more space. This introduction, and especially the hire-purchase formula, was a first for Belgium. Today, Marny can safely call herself the market leader in this market segment.

+ 800 satisfied customers

More than 150,000 lockers sold

More than 500 major projects

More than 30 lockers per project


Johan Lefebvre


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Jelle Marny

Jelle Lefebvre

Sales representative

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