Frequently Asked Questions

To order

I have not received a confirmation email. What now?

Immediately after you place an order, you will receive a confirmation from us in your mailbox. This e-mail contains, among other things, the details of your purchases, your contact details, delivery address, billing address, etc. We check all data and you will receive an e-mail from us if we have the relevant lockers in stock.

Can I change my order?

Let us know as soon as possible if you want to make an adjustment to your order. If we have your order / lockers in stock, it can go quickly and it would be a shame to receive an adjustment after processing.

Are all products in the e-shop in stock?

By default we have the specific tab (In stock only) for. When ordering, we ensure that the delivery date is confirmed.

Is ordering on safe?

Yes, our website is sufficiently secured and data is encrypted. Not sure? Contact us by mail.

How do we guarantee safe payment on

In our webshop we use Molly, a payment system that is ready for their security with the necessary certificates.


How can I pay in the e-shop?

You can pay with Sepa, Belfius Direct, iDEAL, KBC / CBC Payment Button, Bancontact and Paypal.

Payment failed. What can I do?

We advise you to make a second payment attempt. There may have been incorrect data or there is a one-time malfunction. If this is not the case, we will settle this.

Can I place my order and pay for it afterwards?

You can pay afterwards by invoice and within thirty days. However, we prefer prepayment.

Can I receive an invoice for my order?

Would you like an invoice? No problem, we'll fix it. Send an email with your company details and we will take care of this.

Can I view my placed and paid orders digitally?

With your account you can see all the orders you have made.

Delivery & pick-up

What are the delivery options?

We deliver the lockers through our recognized partners (Mainfreight / DPD). They ensure delivery after the first door. If desired and if this is possible at your place, you can also pick up the lockers yourself or you can contact a transporter for collection.

Can I track the status of my order?

Yes, you can track every step that is taken, from receipt of order to production of delivery documents.

Do you also ship abroad?

Yes, we deliver the lockers in the Benelux, if you want lockers outside the Benelux, contact us to view this and to offer you an appropriate delivery cost.

I have not received my order. Did something go wrong?

If it turns out that something went wrong, we can track this. If something turns out to be incorrect or not delivered, we will look at this internally for how this can be done and we will continue to clarify all steps of the process.

What if no one is home to receive my order?

Before we put a date on our mailing papers, we make good arrangements with you so that the lockers can be delivered properly. If you only ordered locks, you may need to pick them up at the nearest postal point. Again, you can check this via the tracking code we send you before the parts leave here.

Is my package insured against loss or damage?

We always package and ship our items with the greatest care. In this way, the risk of damage during shipment is reduced to a minimum.


How do I get my return refunded?

Before the refund, all lockers / locks will be checked for damage. If there is damage or the lockers need to be cleaned, our work of the final total that is refunded will be done in the same way as the original payment.

Did you receive the items that I returned?

When returning goods, we must receive tracking from our side. Keys or locks are never sent by normal mail.

What are the return conditions for items that I return?

If something is not correct, you must inform us of the problems within 4 days of receipt. We will handle this and agree together how the return will be arranged. If you have seen any damage after the 4 days, please let us know. We do everything we can to consider you a satisfied customer.

Is it always free to return?

Return of the goods (lockers or locks / keys) must be carried out at your expense. If it turns out that we make a mistake, the transport cost will be included on the credit note and the refund.

Do you give a guarantee?

Hell yes. We can give a warranty of 3 to 5 years for our metal lockers. We can offer at least a 15-year warranty for our plastic lockers!


Can I change my details?

Yes, at your profile, on the man at the top right of the site, you can edit your profile.

Do I have to register to be able to order?

It is recommended to register. This is because we can keep track of your profile and know how many lockers you have already ordered via the website. This also provides you with a convenience: you can always review your previous orders.

How do I register?

You can register by HERE Clicking or via the man at the top right of our website, here you can see or create your profile.

What if I have forgotten my password?

You can change password through HERE to click.

Rental sales

Why choose lockers?

No more dirty corridors or overcrowded canteens where one or more things can disappear, choose our strong lockers today.

How many lockers would I need?

Ask around your company or school on the basis of a survey who would rent a locker. Is the locker system working and you are short of it? Then you can always order additional after the first order.

How is a quotation requested?

You can contact us by phone or email to request a quote. You can already view this on our webshop.

Why choose metal lockers?

Metal lockers are ultra strong due to their special shape of the door, the Omega profile in the door with the raised shape in the door ensures a high impact resistance.

Why choose plastic lockers?

It is best to choose our PE lockers if you are going for a humid environment. Outside, damp changing rooms, cloakrooms. You can also opt for the plastic lockers if you wish to choose according to size, depth and special adapted doors. Would you like to put together a locker yourself? Feel free to click through to the site of our locker builder.

What is meant by the system of “free lockers”?

Here we work with a hire-purchase system. If, as a school, you wish to purchase a full lot of lockers but do not have the financial budgets to purchase each locker, you can opt for the hire purchase system.

Who can choose the hire purchase system?

Together with the financial institutions, we as Marny have developed a great relationship to offer lockers in a hire-purchase system. This system can only be used by schools. Companies cannot make use of this.

Are there other dimensions for the metal lockers?

Our metal lockers can be delivered very quickly simply because these dimensions are the standard. There are no smaller lockers for metal lockers. Larger is possible, then you can look at our 90 cm high cloakroom cupboard.

Are there more colors available than the seven that I find on the website?

If you have a specific order and you would like a color other than white, yellow, green, blue, gray, orange or red, please let us know, perhaps through our coating partners.