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Plastic colour mix lockers - FSP Cool

Item no. A8GRY-2xxx4


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Product data

Random mix of colors from stock. Upload a drawing with your design!
Also check the possibilities with the full color palette (but with a long delivery time).

Dimensions pthere locker:
width: +/- 38 cm (opening +/- 29 cm)
height: 172 cm
height per door: 42 cm
depth: 45 cm

Possibility of small deviations in dimensions due to the production process.

Standard locking system FSP:
Padlock stand (not supplied), with a stainless steel loop attached to the hull going through the door.
Physically a lock that has no equal in the locker sector. Not to break open.

Technical description:
Lockers made of LMDPE (Linear Medium Density Poly-Ethylene) with a UV resistance of the 8th degree.
Plastic free from toxic products.
Vandal resistant with metal stainless pivot throughout the entire door (per unit).
Standard locking system can handle padlocks up to diameter up to 10mm.
Wear from the padlock is prevented by a quarter circle made of polypropylene.
User-friendly for opening the door with a finger grip in the plastic plate.
All materials used are stainless (polyethylene and stainless steel)
Suitable for humid environment and salty sea air (impermeable to most salts and acids)
Optional numbering per locker possible.
Optional sloping roof against dust or dirt.
Optional plinth.
The lockers are fastened together with self-tapping screws or pop rivets.
Graffiti resistant

15 years on the integrity of the locker and the UV.
The LMDPE retains its suppleness, and the colors retain at least 90% of their color after 15 years under extreme UV exposure.

Due to the rotary production process in molds with the LMDPE, differences from 1% can occur in the dimensions. Usually this is very good, but if this proves to be disturbing, it is best to arrange something, from small to large for example.

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