Project in the spotlight: Sint-Jozefsinstituut Betekom

Delivery within 5 days?

For a project in Betekom, we were asked on 26/08 if 200 more lockers could be delivered before 1 September.
Since we have a large stock of metal lockers here at home, this was answered positively.

After approving the project, we agreed on the design of the lockers. This as standard colours in large rows can sometimes look a bit dull.

From St Joseph's Institute, the request came to work with white and green as these were colours of their logo.
After this, the concept was made up and finally the beautiful design came out with the school's green initials on a white background.

This was confirmed on 26/08. On 31/08, we installed this beautiful job with our qualified workers.

Thank you to St Joseph's Institute in Betekom for this great collaboration.

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