Big order with RFID locks

The delivery and installation of lockers at the Don Bosco in Hechtel was a great success. Our team was tasked with equipping 1,000 lockers with the latest RFID locks and installing them on site. It was our first time equipping so many lockers with this technology and we are happy to report that the cooperation between our team and the Don Bosco was excellent.

Installation went smoothly and within the stipulated time, all lockers were installed and functional on site. Using the RFID locks made the whole experience much easier and more efficient, both for our team and the locker users. In fact, the RFID locks provide quick and effortless access to the lockers without the need for keys.
The big advantage to these lockers, is that no data connection needs to be made. No extra connections. Programming this lock is easy to do using RFID via GSM.

Besides the locks, we also visually made sure this was not a complete white block. Orange shades were provided here and there.

We are proud of the successful delivery and installation of the lockers and thank the Don Bosco for this very nice achievement.

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Why choose plastic lockers in your cloakroom?

Why choose plastic lockers in your cloakroom?

Plastic lockers are an ideal choice for a cloakroom because of their durability, safety, hygiene, flexibility and environmental friendliness.
Made from recycled materials, they are fully recyclable, making them an eco-friendly option.
Plastic lockers are more cost-effective compared to lockers made of other materials and require less maintenance and replacement in the long run.
They are lightweight, which can lead to lower transport and installation costs.
By choosing plastic lockers, your company shows its commitment to sustainability and contributes to a greener future.

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