Why choose plastic lockers in your cloakroom?

Are you looking for a reliable and durable cloakroom solution? Then our plastic locker is the perfect choice for your business. We briefly take you through why you can (or MUST) choose these sturdy lockers:

Durability: Our plastic lockers are made of high-quality polyethylene, a robust material that resists wear and tear, corrosion and moisture. This means that your lockers can withstand heavy daily wear and tear and will last for years without requiring much maintenance. Plastic lockers are also resistant to rust, mould and other forms of decay, making them an excellent choice for humid environments as much as changing rooms with or without showers.

Plastic lockers in slaughterhouse

Security: Safety comes first at Marny. Our plastic lockers are fitted with strong and secure locks, such as cylinder locks or electronic locks, to protect the contents of the lockers from unauthorised access. In addition, the plastic lockers are equipped with sturdy hinges and doors that are difficult to manipulate, providing additional protection against burglary or theft.


Hygiene: Hygiene is very important in cloakroom environments. Our plastic lockers are easy to clean and maintain. They are resistant to stains, odours and moulds, and can be easily cleaned with plain water and detergents. Moreover, they are resistant to moisture, so they do not provide an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria and mould, ensuring a fresh and hygienic cloakroom experience.

Disinfection of Lockers against COVID-19

Flexibility: Our plastic lockers are available in different sizes, configurations and colours, making them adaptable to the specific needs of your cloakroom. Whether you have a small or large space, Marny has the right plastic lockers for you. In addition, our lockers can be easily expanded, relocated or reconfigured as your needs change, making them a flexible and cost-effective long-term solution.


Cost-saving: Choosing our plastic lockers can help your business save costs. Plastic lockers are generally more affordable compared to lockers made of other materials, such as metal or wood. They also have a longer lifespan and are resistant to wear and tear and corrosion, which means they require less maintenance and replacement over time. This can result in lower maintenance and replacement costs in the long run, benefiting your budget. In addition, plastic lockers are lightweight, which can result in lower transport and installation costs. So by choosing our plastic lockers, you can enjoy a cost-effective solution without compromising on the quality and durability of your cloakroom storage.

In short, our plastic lockers offer durability, security, hygiene, flexibility and cost-saving as strong arguments for choosing a plastic locker in your cloakroom. Marny is ready to offer you the best solution for your cloakroom needs. Contact us to find out how our plastic lockers can transform your cloakroom into a safe, hygienic and durable storage space

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