PE lockers in France

The first steps have been taken in France

Collaboration with Biolab-Mobiskool

A further odevelopment in the European landscape is a fact


After a first probing project that we carried out last year in October 2020, a second order was delivered on 06/05/2021. Johan, responsible for the plastic lockers on the European market and also managing director of Marny, is very optimistic about this collaboration. “With Biolab/Mobiskool, we were able to convince a major supplier in the French school world of our lockers.”

With an order of 200 lockers and now one of 90, we notice that the French market is defrosting for our beautiful lockers. “We therefore expect that this year can be a start in our neighboring countries”.

In the Netherlands, too, talks are being held with major players to offer our products in schools and companies. Here the market is still a bit hesitant, but Johan is optimistic here too. “The Netherlands has a much larger sales market, the biggest challenge is finding the right distributor.”

All in due time

At the moment, doors are opening for Marny in Europe. We are currently mainly focusing on plastic lockers. In due time, the metal segment will follow.

Do you want to know more about our plastic lockers: definitely take a look at our technical page.

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